The Real Estate advisor in Barcelona and Europe




Urbis Investments offers you the treatment and care of a local agent but the experience of a giant.
We can assist you in all aspects related to buying and selling, leasing or managing your real estate in the area of Barcelona and also all major European cities.
We encourage you to contact us if you're looking forward to buying or selling.
Within the international tourism market we can cover different products such as hostels or international hotels.
Let us help you find the best opportunity to develop a successful investment.






Trustworthiness and professionalism


We have extensive experience in the real estate sector through all of our activities.
Many years of experience in the real estate support us.
We are specialized in tourism, tourist apartments, hostels and international hotels, focusing in Barcelona and the main European cities.
Maximum confidentiality is guaranteed for our clients, as well as a swift and professional service, both for potential purchasers and sellers.
Because of our commitment of confidentiality with our clients, we only publish some information about them or their projects and we have a confidential portfolio.
Let us help you with our experience following the steps needed to deliver those benefits.
We know how to help you find the best real estate investment in each project.
Contact us and let’s review your needs in detail so we can offer you the best solution available.




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